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Here are two short movies to watch.

The first shows how to set up the comb for left or right hand use
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The second shows how easy and quick it is to create a Zig-Zag parting
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Zig Zag Home the zig zag comb step by step guide
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  Step-by-step guide to using the ZIG-ZAG COMB

Prior to use, slide the head of the Comb into the handle for left or right-handed used. The head fixes permanently.
Step 1:Comb backwards the section of hair where you wish to create your zig-zag parting, using a normal brush. Using your other hand keep this section of hair secure by holding firmly on the crown of your head.
Step 2:Take the zig-zag comb and place the 2 pins of the comb at the front of your hair at the point where you want your zig-zag parting to start. Place your other hand firmly on the crown of your head.
Step 3:Move the zig-zag comb from front-to-back in a zig-zag motion.
Step 4:Finally, remove hand from the crown of your head, lift hair with the comb and divide the middle section of hair with both hands to complete your zig-zag parting.